Australia - Wimmera CMA Elevation

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Australia - Elevation datasets for the Wimmera CMA region derived from a 2004 lidar study. 1.0m coverage is available across entire region, with 0.5m contours available along the Wimmera River Trench. Individual contour tiles available below, or entire dataset can be viewed on DEM is also avaiable at below. Lidar is available upon request. Dataset provided represents the grid of available tiles for the contours dataset. Although all due care has been taken to ensure that this data is correct, no warranty is expressed or implied by Wimmera CMA in its use.

Australia - Wimmera CMA Elevation


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    • "Unclassified All, Grn & Thn Returns from Project"
    • "DEM from project. Aspect, Slope & Hillshade generated at WCMA."
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    • 2004
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