BoP Water Ski Areas

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Access lanes and reserved areas within the Bay of Plenty region. Council suspended two areas from the navigation and safety bylaw 2010 (Lakes affected: Lake Tikitapu & Lake Rotoma). The data displayed in the printed version of the 2010 bylaw is in the archive feature dataset.GPS coordinates were collected manually (using boats). Data was made into mapping polygons for publication

BoP Water Ski Areas


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    • 1247.6568231556196
    • 84783.23669028573
    • "No person within an access lane or reserved area shall proceed in any manner that is dangerous in relation to any vessel or other person in the access lane. No person shall obstruct any other person while that other person is using an access lane or rese"
    • "Tauranga Harbour"
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    • "Water Ski Area"
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