Australia - Area based Emissions Reduction Fund projects

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Australia - This dataset identifies the project boundaries for registered Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) area based projects. Area based projects are generally savanna burning and sequestration activities. These ERF Projects are registered across a declared project area identified by project proponents at the time of registration. These project areas generally encompass the entire cadastral boundaries for the properties for which the participants intend to conduct their project activities and for which they hold the legal rights. For sequestration projects the project area does not generally represent the actual extent of a project activity which is generally a subset of the project area. These subset areas are known as Carbon Estimation Areas (CEA) which are defined by rules set out in the individual ERF methods. A project can contain one or many CEAs. The dataset includes basic attribution including: Scheme Participant; Project Name; Project ID; Method; Method Type; Project Description; Date Project Registered; Project location (State); Project location (Postcode); Permanence Period; and, Project Status (Active or Revoked) The Clean Energy Regulator publishes and maintains a project register which contains further details about projects registered under the Emissions Reduction Fund. The project register is published on the Clean Energy Regulator website at and is the point of truth for information about ERF projects. The project register contains attributes not in the spatial dataset, such as, the number of Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) issued, whether any units have been relinquished, or if that land has a carbon maintenance obligation in place. However, the Project Id attribute (PROJ_ID) can be used to link the mapping data with the project register if analysis of those attributes is required. Notes: Users should be aware that the project register is updated on a weekly basis. The dataset does not contain the boundaries of ten projects which have had their location suppressed or partially suppressed. The dataset contains revoked projects. These are identified as being revoked in the status column

Australia - Area based Emissions Reduction Fund projects


Sample Properties

  • {} 11 keys
    • "EOP100111"
    • "Forster, Peter and Forster, Christine"
    • "Bullock Hills Direct Seeding 2010 and 2012 (Revoked)"
    • "Carbon Farming (Quantifying Carbon Sequestration by Permanent Environmental Plantings of Native Species using the CFI Reforestation Modelling Tool) Methodology Determination 2012"
    • "Vegetation"
    • "This project establishes permanent plantings of a mix of native tree species on land that was cleared of forest for at least five years prior to the project having commenced. The tree species are native to the local area."
    • "2012-12-20Z"
    • "Victoria"
    • "3378"
    • "100"
    • "Revoked"
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