General Electorate Boundaries

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This data provides a breakdown of voting statistics for the 2017 General Election by age and Māori descent.In this report 'voters' means electors who cast a vote. 'Non-voters' means electors who were eligible to cast a vote and who did not vote. 'Total enrolled' for each electorate includes all people who were enrolled at the date of election day roll closure (including people on the unpublished roll). The electorate reported for a voter is the electorate that the person was enrolled in at the time of election day roll closure. The number of non-voters reported is calculated from the total enrolled population and the number of votes cast by electors enrolled in the electorate. The difference between the total numbers of voters in this report and in the official results is due to a combination of votes disallowed due to the voter not being enrolled, dual votes and clerical errors in the marking of the master roll. Information about electors of Māori descent is based on electors who have self-identified as being of Māori descent on their enrolment application.

General Electorate Boundaries


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    • "All"
    • "18 - 24"
    • "Non-Māori descent"
    • 185280
    • "71.38%"
    • 74297
    • "28.62%"
    • 259577
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