Australia - Brimbank Drinking Fountains

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Australia - Open Space asset features collected as part of the Open Space Inventory & Condition Assessment project. This layer contains point features for outdoor Drinking Fountains. While all due care has been taken to ensure the dataset is accurate and current, there may be errors or omissions in it. Brimbank City Council and its employees accept no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the data. Brimbank City Council and its employees also accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability whatsoever (including in contract, tort including negligence, pursuant to statue and otherwise) arising in respect of or in connection with using or reliance upon the data in this dataset.

Australia - Brimbank Drinking Fountains


Sample Properties

  • {} 6 keys
    • "Kings Park R"
    • "Kings Park"
    • "Drinking Fountain"
    • "Steel and Other"
    • "144.7761684760096"
    • "-37.73162050060906"
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