Marlborough - Kangaroo Grass Distribution

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Marlborough - Kangaroo Grass Distribution - This Council dataset records where Kangaroo Grass has been found in the past by Council staff or through confirmed reports. Strong caution is advised as there may be other infestations in Marlborough that have not yet been captured in this dataset. If you suspect any other infestations that are not marked on this map, please contact the Biosecurity team at Council. This dataset does not distinguish the density or nature of the infestation at a given site. A marked area could range from heavily infested to only scattered plants. Either way, there is still a spread risk from both. Data updated weekly.

Marlborough - Kangaroo Grass Distribution


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    • 1483
    • "Kangaroo Grass"
    • "Themeda triandra"
    • "KG"
    • "1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    • "Jsi"
    • "Pre 2005"
    • "Current"
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    • 2542.70884577
    • 225.23458827348514
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