Waikato Storm Water Point - Waikato District Council

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The information is extracted from the asset inventory database, Asset-Finda on a daily basis. Items identified have been geolocated over a long period of time and through various methods, including information provided by 3rd parties. In general, asset locations are obtained from 'As Built Diagrams' and as such may not be validated in all circumstances. The asset inventory is frequently updated and modification can be made to the asset data structure (asset hierarchy) without prior notification. Due to a wide range of source information all asset locations should be verified through the Asset Information Officers and or site visits. This is an incomplete dataset, other information is held and maintained independently. Waikato District Alliance holds storm water asset information for all assets under the road pavement. Waikato Regional Council holds further asset information in all the rural areas. The primary purpose of this inventory is for asset valuations. The inventory is utilised in forward works and capital work planning. Information on Storm water assets for service requests is displayed on 3 Waters map. The storm water network is an integral part of the land use and consents process, however site visits should be done to validate the status, position and condition of assets.

Waikato Storm Water Point - Waikato District Council


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    • "Manhole"
    • 1050
    • "Raglan"
    • 1.5
    • 46.2
    • 47.7
    • "2013-10-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    • "Excellent"
    • "SWMH A on plan"
    • "Primrose Street"
    • "Existing"
    • "5510"
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    • "20180108155307"
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