Canterbury - GNS Kaikoura 2016 Fault Traces

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Canterbury - GNS Kaikoura 2016 Fault Traces - GNS Kaikoura/North Canterbury 2016 Earthquake Fault Trace (Data released Aug. 2020) Source: The New Zealand Active Faults Database (NZAFD) is a national database of locations and attributes of onshore active faults (e.g., names, locations, ages and amounts of displacement). Most have deformed the ground surface of New Zealand within the last 125,000 years. In the Taupo Rift most have deformed the ground surface within the last 25,000 years. Terms of use The Active Fault Database displayed on this website (Database) cannot be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, reselling and/or providing technical services based on the Database. You must acknowledge the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS) as the source of the Database in any publication or other public disclosure where you use or rely on the Database. To credit the use of the database in publications, we recommend citation of the Active Faults Database paper: Langridge, R.M., Ries, W.F., Litchfield, N.J., Villamor, P., Van Dissen, R.J., Barrell, D.J.A., Rattenbury, M.S., Heron, D.W., Haubrock, S., Townsend, D.B., Lee, J.M., Berryman, K.R., Nicol, A., Cox, S.C., Stirling, M.W. (2016). The New Zealand Active Faults Database. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 59: 86-96. doi: 10.1080/00288306.2015.1112818. Disclaimer: GNS does not warrant or represent that the Database is accurate, complete or fit for any particular purpose. GNS does not accept any responsibility for the use of or reliance on the Database and shall not be liable to any person on any ground for any loss, damage or expense arising from such use or reliance.

Canterbury - GNS Kaikoura 2016 Fault Traces


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  • {} 16 keys
    • "Corner Hill Fault"
    • "IV"
    • ""
    • "R. Langridge"
    • "20 cm LiDAR and field"
    • "Accurate"
    • "E"
    • "Low"
    • "Sinistral"
    • "Historical"
    • "Reverse"
    • "Unknown"
    • "Kaikoura 2016"
    • "Steep"
    • "Minor"
    • 1400.08276960248
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