Canterbury - Land of Outstanding Regional Significance

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Canterbury - Land of Outstanding Regional Significance - In 2010, Environment Canterbury commissioned a report that identifies areas of outstanding natural features and landscapes (ONF/Ls) at a regional scale throughout Canterbury. It is a comprehensive, technical, peer-reviewed update of the Canterbury Regional Landscape Study of 1993, which was one of the first regional landscape analyses completed in response to the 1991 Resource Management Act in New Zealand. The report builds upon the methods used in 1993 and reflects current best practice in landscape assessment. It is intended to provide a basis for informing further detailed landscape studies in the region. The focus of the report is on large-scale landscape patterns that are able to be distinguished at a regional level, rather than site specific analysis. Detailed studies are likely to identify more features that are distinguishable at a local level, as well as refine specific boundaries in response to finer grained analysis.

Canterbury - Land of Outstanding Regional Significance


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