Taranaki Parks - Playspace - New Plymouth District Council

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Summary This layer shows park playspace features registered with New Plymouth District Council (NPDC). Description Abstract: This dataset displays park playspace areas within the New Plymouth District area. This data is collected to support the maintenance and management of the NPDC park assets. This layer includes fields that classify e.g. open space category, etc. Point of Contact: New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) Update Frequency: Daily Lineage: Data has been compiled from a number of sources and its accuracy may vary (e.g. Deposited Plans, AsBuilt plans and forms, sketches, aerial photo, Google Street View). Attribute information is stored in New Plymouth District Council's Asset Management System. This is joined to a dataset containing the assets spatial location and published as a GIS feature class for use within NPDC GIS applications and open data portal. There may be significant delays before data is updated to reflect changes in an area.

Taranaki Parks - Playspace - New Plymouth District Council


Sample Properties

  • {} 10 keys
    • "Complex Infrastructure Assets\Parks Complex Assets\Site\Play Space"
    • "Site"
    • "New Plymouth"
    • "Bromley Place Reserve"
    • "Parks"
    • "Neighbourhood"
    • "Neighbourhood Parks & Reserves 2009"
    • 0.0008661658456
    • 3.4640264e-8
    • 31554497
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