Canterbury - Mudfish Habitat

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Canterbury - Mudfish Habitat - Mudfish Habitats in the Canterbury Region. Mudfish (Refer Chapter 5: Rule WQN20The Department of Conservation’s New Zealand mudfish (Neochanna spp.) recovery plan 2003-13, has identified the Canterbury mudfish (Neochanna burrowsius) as acutely threatened. Mudfish are characteristically hard to find. The adults are nocturnal, and the species' ability to aestivate (burrow into mud for periods of several weeks) adds to the difficulty of identifying their presence.The places indicated on the planning maps have all been verified since 2000, but even recent observations can be difficult to replicate, and new discoveries are still being made. For mapping purposes, information recorded for a site has been extrapolated in the light of known mudfish behaviour to include areas of the same waterbody beyond the actual record site.

Canterbury - Mudfish Habitat


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