Hawkes Bay RCEP Coastal Hazard Zone 1 - Hawkes Bay Regional Council

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This dataset represents the location and extent of the inland boundary of ‘Coastal Hazard Zone 1’ (CHZ1) identified in the Hawke's Bay Regional Coastal Environment Plan 2013 (‘RCEP’). The RCEP has been prepared for the purposes of assisting the Hawke's Bay Regional Council with its roles and responsibilities under the Resource Management Act. Any party relying on this information for any other purpose does so at their own risk. The RCEP defines CHZ1 as “an area seaward of the CHZ1 boundary identified on the planning maps which is land assessed as being subject to storm erosion, short-term fluctuations and dune instability and includes rivermouth and stream mouth areas susceptible to both erosion and inundation due to additional hydraulic forcing of river or estuary systems. For the purposes of [the RCEP], it extends a distance of 200m seaward from its inland boundary.” The location and extent of CHZ1 in the RCEP was based on HBRC Report# 4043 - EMT 08/07. That report was prepared in response to evidence and submissions presented during hearings on the Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan's coastal hazard provisions. Those hearings were held between July 2007 and April 2008. That report was effectively a reassessment of erosion risk zones across the Hawke's Bay coastline. Consequently, the report presents reassessed extents of Current Erosion Risk Zones (CERZs) and 2100 Erosion Risk Zones (2100ERZs) at various locations within four territorial local authorities' boundaries. Previously, these CERZs and 2100ERZs were assessed as part of the 2004 Regional Coastal Hazard Assessment Study and subsequent 2005-06 studies on soft shore and cliff erosion hazard zones.

Hawkes Bay RCEP Coastal Hazard Zone 1 - Hawkes Bay Regional Council


Sample Properties

  • {} 13 keys
    • "CERZ"
    • "Aramoana"
    • "BM2"
    • "May 2008"
    • "Tonkin Taylor RCEP Additional Advice_Table 4-2"
    • "CHZ1"
    • 1294.88759972
    • 1294.88759972
    • 200
    • "Extreme Erosion & Inundation & Rivermouth Hazard Area"
    • 4003.360244378309
    • 410556.3623583844
    • 1
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