Waikato Water Service Line Connection - Hamilton City Council

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This layer is part of Hamilton City Council's Freshwater Dataset. If you wish to download and consume this entire dataset - click on the link for the file format(s) of your choosing: FGDB/File Geodatabase Shapefile Excel CAD (DWG) Please note that the links above may change at any time. For best practice, please refer to this page for the correct links. If any of the links are above are not functioning, please let us know at [email protected] This Water (Freshwater) dataset contains the following layers: Water Valve (A tap on a main that controls the flow of water along that main) Water Service Valve (A tap on a service line that controls the flow of water along that line) Water Service Line/Connection (A pipe that delivers water from the main to a building for consumption) Water Meter (A device that measures and displays the amount of water passing through the associated main or service line) Water Main Offset (A point along a main indicating the distance of the main from another known point such as the property boundary or kerb) Water Main Crossover Junction (The junction of one or more pipes where the pipes do not intersect - aka crossover junction) Water Main Abandoned (A water main that is still in the ground, but is now disused and no longer forms part of the active network) Water Hydrant (A tap supplying access to high-pressure water to fight fires, flush pipes and fill water trucks) Water Chamber MH (An opening/structure in a water chamber for the purpose of allowing operators or equipment access to the inside of the chamber) Water Chamber (A chamber on a water main (except bulk mains) containing operational or monitoring devices such as valves or flow meters) Water BM Chamber (A chamber on a water bulk main containing operational devices such as valves or flow meters) Water BM AV Chamber (A chamber on a water bulk main containing an air valve) Water Backflow Device (A device which prevents the accidental backflow of contaminated water into the water system) Water Asbuilts (Plans showing the location and alignment of basic water infrastructure as it was constructed on site, as provided by the contractor or their representatives. Data has not yet been fully incorporated into the Council GIS or asset management system) Hamilton City Council 3 Waters data is derived from the Council’s GIS (ArcGIS) dataset. The GIS dataset is synchronised with asset data contained in the Council’s Asset Management (IPS) database. A subset of the GIS dataset has been made available for download. This GIS dataset is currently updated weekly which in turn dynamically updates to the WLASS open data site. Any questions pertaining to this data should be directed to the City Waters Asset Information Team at [email protected] Hamilton City Council does not make any representation or give any warranty as to the accuracy or exhaustiveness of the data released for public download. Levels, locations and dimensions of works depicted in the data may not be accurate due to circumstances not notified to Council. A physical check should be made on all levels, locations and dimensions before starting design or works. Hamilton City Council shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) arising from reliance upon or use of any data provided, or Council's failure to provide this data. While you are free to crop, export and re-purpose the data, we ask that you attribute the Hamilton City Council and clearly state that your work is a derivative and not the authoritative data source. Please include the following statement when distributing any work derived from this data: ‘This work is derived entirely or in part from Hamilton City Council data; the provided information may be updated at any time, and may at times be out of date, inaccurate, and/or incomplete.'

Waikato Water Service Line Connection - Hamilton City Council


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    • "CU"
    • "20.0"
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    • "{58F54792-28F6-4966-B29D-752E9881D669}"
    • 2001
    • 8.8307847557114
    • 197797
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