BoP Geothermal Field Rotorua

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Location of the geothermal fields in Rotorua. The geothermal field boundaries are based on geophysical electrical resistivity survey data from a nominal Schumberger resistivity array spacing of 500 m.

BoP Geothermal Field Rotorua


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    • "Rotorua Geothermal Field"
    • "Over 1200 geothermal features including 120 alkaline chloride springs at Whakarewarewa, and 5 major geysers at Geyser Flat. Also a representative selection of acid chloride features including mud pools, fumaroles and steaming ground."
    • "Contains only major geyser field remaining in New Zealand."
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    • "Competing artificial withdrawal of geothermal fluid. The mapped surface expression of this geothermal field is vulnerable to various activities that would disturb the ground surface. The underground extent of the field is much larger, and d"
    • "Lloyd, E.F.; Wood, C.P. - 1988"
    • "Southern and western Rotorua, extending north to Mokoia Island."
    • "Scenic reserve (in part)"
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