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Create data sets, maps, analysis, and reports within minutes

Takiwā Data Analytics Platform is a cloud-based web application for providing SaaS products to a range of customers. The products are delivered as packages of particular features, enabling users with tools for manipulation and analysis of heterogeneous data that usually include geographic spatial and temporal components. Takiwā products combine geographic information system (GIS), business intelligence (BI) platform, and enterprise management system (EMS) functionality, and potentially this functionality may be extended even further in order to provide the best user experience in the process of data manipulation, mining and analysis.
Takiwā Data Analytics Platform offers a single solution for all needs in business analysis of data including location and time components.
It lowers the barrier for users enabling them to utilize the full power of locational business intelligence systems for a fraction of cost.
Complex data easily

Takiwā Vision is the next spin in the evolution of tools in spatial analysis. It combines ideas of low-code modularity with service integration and social engagement. Its mission is to give the users and third-party developers the ability to integrate into Takiwā core services using a set of pre-defined application templates and intelligent APIs. The objective of Takiwā Vision is to solve customers’ problems in a fast and efficient manner and encourage cooperation and reusability of solutions.

The power of Takiwā

We work with experts in our target sectors to help empower organisations and communities to build their own capability and capacity. Our vision is scientists, policy makers, community leaders and stakeholders having the ability to see the same picture and agree a way forward where everyone can contribute.

A scalable, multi-tenanted spatial analytics engine, translating big complex data-sets into simple, understandable visualisations and business intelligence. Takiwā applications are currently collecting data from an incredibly broad range of sources, from in-lake sensors to large Government data sets. Backed by an organisation committed to investing in ongoing research and development.

Takiwā delivers deeper insights faster by presenting complex information in simple ways, providing users with spatial, temporal and analytic views of data. It also provides the ability to monitor progress in real-time and report on the fly.

Takiwā Data Analytics Platform have ability to distinguish between the ordinary tenants and white-labelled tenants, where the latter have the ability to re-brand the product and use custom domain names.

Quickly create datasets by uploading CSV files, Shape files, GeoJson files or simply draw on the map.

Takiwā Data Analytics Platform is designed for taking your raw data and converting it into information useful for decision-making. Explore your data using smart Takiwā tools for a deeper data analysis.

Generate sophisticated Reports within minutes. Combine Analysis results made in other sections of the Takiwā Data Analytics Platform.

The data processed through Takiwā applications is often sensitive and valuable, so we put a premium on the security and robustness of our platforms. Partnering with Cloud has enabled us to achieve a gold standard in this area, acceptable to risk averse organisations with tight requirements around data protection and data sovereignty.




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