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Takiwā Data Analytics Platform offers a single solution for all needs in business analysis of data including location and time components. It lowers the barrier for users enabling them to utilize the full power of locational business intelligence systems for a fraction of cost.


Mapping data and analysis for everyone.

Takiwā Data Analytics Platform enables you to connect people, locations, and your data. Work with smart, data-driven systems and intuitive analysis tools, delivering incredible results.








Takiwā Data Analytics Platform enables large amounts of complex data, including geographic information, to be combined, analysed and presented in visually powerful ways.



Improve the quality and speed of your organisation's decision-making, and ultimately your ability to affect significant change in your community.



Delivered online, Takiwā Data Analytics Platform provides you with the tools to see the 'big picture' of the issues you are analysing - getting deeper, richer insights faster.

The power of Takiwā
Creating Datasets

Quickly create datasets by uploading CSV files, Shape files, GeoJson files or simply draw on the map.

Working with Data

Bring your own data into the powerful Takiwā Platform, or use any of the numerous datasets available in the Takiwā Data Catalogue.
You keep full control over your data.

Analysing Data

Takiwā Data Analytics Platform is designed for taking your raw data and converting it into information useful for decision-making.
Explore your data using smart Takiwā tools for a deeper data analysis.

Generating Reports

Generate sophisticated Reports within minutes.
Combine Analysis results made in other sections of the Takiwā Data Analytics Platform.

Key Features of Takiwā
A Partnership Approach

We work with experts in our target sectors to help empower organisations and communities to build their own capability and capacity. Our vision is scientists, policy makers, community leaders and stakeholders having the ability to see the same picture and agree a way forward where everyone can contribute.

Leading Edge Tech

A scalable, multi-tenanted spatial analytics engine, translating big complex data-sets into simple, understandable visualisations and business intelligence. Takiwā applications are currently collecting data from an incredibly broad range of sources, from in-lake sensors to large Government data sets. Backed by an organisation committed to investing in ongoing research and development.

Deep Insights Faster

Takiwā delivers deeper insights faster by presenting complex information in simple ways, providing users with spatial, temporal and analytic views of data. It also provides the ability to monitor progress in real-time and report on the fly.

Secure and Stable

The data processed through Takiwā applications is often sensitive and valuable, so we put a premium on the security and robustness of our platforms. Partnering with IBM has enabled us to achieve a gold standard in this area, acceptable to risk averse organisations with tight requirements around data protection and data sovereignty.

About Us

Mike Taitoko


Mike drives the strategy and operations of Takiwā

Mike is of Maniapoto descent is a leading specialist in the field of Māori and indigenous economic development. He previously founded Tuia Consulting, a leading Māori economic development advisory firm in New Zealand and the Pacific. During that time Mike built an economic benchmarking tool which led to the creation of an online analytical processing platform. The idea was to use data to drive better visibility across the policy space and improve policy outcomes in areas that need it most. And it worked! So Mike formed Takiwā to build innovative tools and technologies that drive transformational change in areas that most impact Māori and indigenous people globally - improving outcomes in health, education, culture and identity, social and environmental wellbeing and economic development.

Contact Mike: mike.taitoko@takiwa.co

Mike Lee


Mike drives the strategy and operations of Takiwā

Mike has 10 plus Years’ experience in the AEC sectors delivering major projects in New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia. With an additional 20+ Years’ experience in Emergency Response/Management/Systems design, understanding the value for businesses to efficiently visualise their data to make informed data driven decisions is vital. Mike has a passion for true collaboration between stakeholders via transparent data/systems to truly enable businesses as well as adding real benefit to the community. Hi tech, realtime, complex, data driven decisions made easier to understand to all is essential.

Contact Mike: mike.lee@takiwa.co

Michael Gershkovich


Michael drives the technical vision for the company and leads our team of Takiwā developers

Michael is responsible for leading the Takiwā’s technical vision and development, including managing platform development, partnerships, information systems and technology teams. Michael plays a key role in delivering innovative software solutions across the company. Michael delivers incredible value to the business with his practical application of great technologies, and leads a highly talented and creative team of developers.

Contact Michael: michael.gershkovich@takiwa.co

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